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Commercial Luminaires

CG Commercial Luminaires range consist of Recessed, Office Lighting, Surface / Wall Mounted, Suspended / Pendant mounted, Downlight / Retail lighting, Health care / Pharma lighting luminaires.
Office workers spend a great deal of their day in office. Many of them complain of headaches, nausea, and visual fatigue as a result of the visual demands associated with computer use and bad office lighting conditions. We at CG want to help by making theirs a comfortable and beautiful place to be with modern lighting options that look gorgeous and give them the perfect light to work by.We have introduced elegantly crafted range of modular recessed mounted energy efficient luminaires to create perfect ambience in offices. Brightly lit ceiling and walls along with working plane makes the working places comfortable to work and increases sense of belongingness amongst employees.

  • Recessed Luminaires
  • Office Lighting - SENTIO
  • Surface / Wall Mounted Luminaires
  • Suspended / Pendent Mounted Luminaires
  • Downlights / Retail lighting luminaire
  • Health Care & Pharma Lighting
  • Trunking System

Industrial Luminaires

Industrial buildings, like all workplaces, require well-planned lighting systems to support various activities. Appropriate quantities of light are essential, but quality issues are just as important in providing a comfortable and safe working atmosphere. When the lighting meets both quantity and quality needs, it adds measurably to worker performance and productivity.
Crompton Greaves has endeavoured to provide energy effective lighting for spaces designed for manufacturing and assembly tasks, warehouses, dusty environments such as cement & coal handling plants, places with corrosive atmosphere such as acid plants, and many such specialized application areas.

  • General Purpose FTL luminaires
  • Dust / Corrosion / Vapour proof Luminaire
  • Lowbay Luminaires
  • Hi-Bay / Medium-Bay Luminaires
  • Hazardous Area Luminaires & Accessories
  • Wellglass Luminaires

Streetlight Luminaires

Infrastructure of the city defines its identity. Infrastructure Lighting exerts a major influence on the city & its people - in qualitative, quantitative and emotional terms. Prominent places in a city are known by their design, architecture and Lighting.
Growth in Economy, is influencing the Town planners & Civic Bodies to improve the Infrastructure across the country. Today’s Infrastructure lights not just illuminate but very gracefully merge with the surroundings and compliment the layout.

Street Architecture has now become the need of the day, which is achieved as a combination of Innovative Technology and Ergonomically designed luminaires. Crompton Greaves Lighting offers a wide range of durable & efficient products - Street lights, Poles, Flood lights and Highmasts for Illumination of the Infrastructures - Roads, Flyovers, Ports, Yards, Stadia.

  • FTL Streetlight luminaires
  • Single piece Sheet aluminium Contruction
  • Single piece Cast / diecast aluminium construction
  • Two piece Sheet aluminium construction
  • CFL Streetlight luminaires
  • Lotus & Lotus Junior